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Hi, Aida here!

I focus on female centric stories, serving different points of views with layers and subtle comedic notes.

Sound like a wine description? 

Most recently, my co-written script  "The Shining Path" was awarded "Best Short Script/ Screenplay at the Indo French  International Film Festival 2022 and Semi-Finalist in the Madras Independent Film Festival 2022. 

I love team work and collaborations. I would love to sit in a comedy writing room, whilst also strongly wanting to pave the way for future generations with a good Independent film. 

Part of my super power is my experience as an immigrant child to Persian immigrants in Hamburg, Germany and then again, experiencing the UK as an immigrant myself, having moved there not long before the Brexit referendum.

My perspective shifted completely, from immigrant child, to immigrant, to immigrant parent, as I became a mother to three wonderful children.

Random bits of information to shake things up:

Books have shaped me.

I love people and their minds, what makes them do and think, their opinions.

I love a different opinion and disagreement.

I love dressing people, thinking up designs, playing my Ukulele and singing along, chats.

Coffee. 👌🏼

Hey, now that you’re here. Why not indulge me by sending me some random bits of information about you?

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