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Aida Golghazi

Hello, I'm Alexa Young

Born in Hamburg (Germany), Aida grew up in a nurturing artistic home with a strong sense for Persian heritage. 

Following her Steiner education and plenty of opportunity to perform, play instruments and indulge in creative writing growing up, she studied Economics and pursued  a career in eCommerce, spanning over 5 years into her mid-twenties.

Whilst strategising and monitoring what the editors room could write that placed the multi-national companies optimally, she couldn't help but long to get creative herself again, so she finally changed course.


She began acting training, auditioning back and forth in Berlin, voice over acting, booking small roles and making little films with her friends.

She finally took a leap, began traveling the world, moved to London, all the while writing about eCommerce as her day job and fashion blogging for fun.

Fast forward 10 years, 3 children, an award winning script, a feature film and a TV show in development as well as a couple of directing credits, it is safe to say that I have come a long way.

Thank you for considering working with me or looking at my work. 

I have been very focused on women, immigration and the shift of perspectives and the diversity thereof, how it may be affected by the world around us and has to come from our heart, something that is very rare at the moment.

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